Senior Quantitative Research Analyst

As one of our specialists in quantitative research, Diede plays a key role in designing our complex statistical research methods, which include Max Diff, conjoint analysis, segmentation analysis and brand perception mapping. She is involved in training the team in complex statistical techniques and the ways in which we could implement these in our quantitative research projects.

Diede enjoys approaching problems from different angles, and working with data to get insight into research problems. She provides sound advice and direction to other members of the team, taking on project management responsibilities as well. She worked on projects for a variety of clients across the sectors, such as the Copyright Licensing Agency, Oxford University Press, the European Society of Cardiology, the European CanCer Organisation, Liverpool John Moores University, King’s College London and the French Education Charitable Trust.

Being passionate about research, Diede enjoys the challenge of resolving unexpected problems, interpreting and discussing results, and learning new techniques and skills. Since joining the team, she has become highly proficient in the use of SNAP survey software, Q research software and R. Her ability to explore and try new methods has resulted in the introduction of in-house conjoint analysis and Max Diff.

Diede has an MSc in Biomedical Sciences from UCL and a BSc (Hons) Liberal Arts and Sciences (University College Roosevelt). As a student, she has conducted various statistical analyses, ranging from customer satisfaction surveys to investigating the association between stress resonance and levels of empathy. She has also carried out an independent research project on predictors of academic success in first year students of university, formulating predictive models using structural equation modelling.

Diede Fennema

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