Helene has been a Co-Director at Shift Learning for over 6 years. She is highly proficient in both qualitative and quantitative approaches, and has led multi-method large scale research projects, with complex audiences, across a variety of different educational sectors in the UK and internationally.

Helene excels at designing, executing and presenting complex qualitative, quantitative and multi-modal research projects. She has a thorough understanding of digital, marketing, web development and agile methodologies, and combined with a unique perspective in designing research, she is adept in delivering timely actionable market insight.

A highly experienced, commercially minded strategist and consultant, she leads multi-method large scale research projects with complex audiences, and excels at delivering actionable research to clients in a variety of different educational sectors.

Over 15 years working in education and learning has given her a strong understanding of the design, delivery and study throughout a variety of different levels and sectors and she has an impressive client list spanning schools, further education, publishers, higher education and professional societies. Committed to generating the highest level of research data in the most effective way, Helene seeks to adopt new methodologies and research techniques to ensure robust and comprehensive results.

Helene leads and consults on strategic planning exercises for large commercial organisations and universities. She is a sought-after and assured public speaker and regularly presents at board level and within leading conferences in the sector.

Helene is a full member of the Market Research Society. Prior to this, she obtained a distinction from the University of Kingston for her MSc in Informatics with Management, and combined with her strong understanding of the healthcare sector, this has effectively positioned Helene to lead several high profile consultancy projects on complex digital point of care and clinical solutions products.

Helene Moran

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