Junior Research Executive

As a Research Assistant, Nicola plays a varying role at Shift Learning across a range of projects. Nicola has experience in recruiting, interviewing, editing and desk research. Whilst particularly proficient in qualitative research, she is also experienced in quantitative data collection and is trained to use Snap and Q software. Nicola has been Lead Research Assistant on a number of projects at Shift in both the education and medical sectors, including the British Society for Rheumatology and Rising Stars.

Before joining Shift Learning Nicola gained research skills during her time at Oxford Brookes University where she gained her undergraduate degree in History and Sociology. Studying a joint honors gave Nicola skills in both primary and desk research, which she applied to her final-year dissertation. The dissertation, which focused on Gender Issues within the Music Industry, included qualitative interviews and data coding. Having enjoyed and succeeded in this element of her degree, upon graduating Nicola worked for as a Freelance Interviewer for a national social research company. The skills and confidence this gave her have been invaluable in her current position as a Research Assistant.

Nicola Black

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