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Will works as a Research Assistant for Shift Learning. Having previously worked as a Research Assistant for UCL, Will has experience in conducting comparative desk research, interviewing, and carrying out editorial work within the education sector. This position continued an ongoing interest in the Higher Education sector; he is particularly interested in the challenges the sector faces and how well grounded research can be used to overcome these. He is utilising skills previous acquired at Shift Learning, whilst also being trained in software specific to qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.

Before joining Shift Learning, Will studied History at UCL in which he specialised in 20th century Anglo-American social movements. As part of his degree, he studied abroad in Santa Barbara, California, where he decided to focus his dissertation on social movements specific to the 1980s. The dissertation provided an opportunity to engage with a significant number of interviews with movement activists, and thus exposure to qualitative data methods. Since his degree, Will spent several months studying Mandarin in north-eastern China, as part of a British Council scholarship programme. He hopes to bring his varied experience of education systems across of the world to his work at Shift Learning.

William Roberts

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